Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC
Let the bits speak for themselves.
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Our collection of requirements is thorough enough to produce a user manual describing exactly how the product system is to operate.

Our analysis of requirements captures the exact business rules in the workplace, then decomposes and codifies them into attributes, entities, and logical processes. Our other processes then map these elements directly into relational databases.

Management of Lifecycle Development

Soft Lifecycle manages projects of any size from cradle to grave.  However, with Logic Table technology (LTT) there is literally no grave.

CEC Services, LLC invented the management tool named Software Development Methodology. Recent advances include:

  • Predicting the total time resource of the project based on a factor of ten times the time consumed for collecting requirements
  • Delivering the user manual as the requirements document before one line of computer code is implemented
  • Devoting over half of the project resources to implementation of design and unit testing to ensure a zero-defect product

Verification and Validation (as an independent process)

Soft Lifecycle verifies that all products ordered are included in the delivery and validates that the products themselves meet the original requirements.


Our work with logical connectives and Kanban cells maps machine cognition. Solutions are tested and bench marked for performance in software designs before embedding in hardware.

Our solutions are directed at abstract implementation to accommodate massive deployment. This includes use of small LUTs that factor up to CPLDs and FPGAs.
To protect solutions as strategic business assets we use programming paradigms based on generic and reusable components. This includes VHDL which is very similar to Ada.

Project Leadership

We lead projects at any phase in the development process according to requirements, including version control and configuration management. Our speciality is software development projects which are failing to meet requirements. By extension, hardware projects are also included to be jump started.

Quality Assurance

We use extensive assurance techniques within the Software Development Methodology for quality control to manage development of test plans, test cases, and testing, and quality assurance to manage the assessment of test results for meeting requirements and to report to management.

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