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Welcome Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC (ESMC) sells services, tools, software, and hardware for bivalent technology: Method and system for the Kanban cell neuron network, US Patent 9,202,166 (issued 12/01/2015); and Method and system for prediction of time series by Kanban neuron model, US Patent 9,501,737 (issued 11/22/2016).

More recently we applied the Kanban cell neuron (KCN) to weather numerical prediction (WNP) for wind speed. See this updated abstract submission with statistical results for which we seek Government grant fundings.

We license the software Meth8/VŁ4, a modal logic model checker implementing the universal logic system of VŁ4.


The KCNN Model applies to the prediction of trading signals for financial markets such as 10-year treasuries and five disparate commodities. This is named the Kanban cell neuron stock trading system (KCNSTS). A book for Chinese and Asian ETFs from December, 2014 shows an annualized profit.

The Meth8/VŁ4 modal logic model checker already ships overseas for single-seat licensing with unlimited table lookup accesses. The products for sale are scaled: $47 as three propositions; $97 as four theorems (A, B, C, D) and four propositions (p, q, r, s); and $147 as 11-propositions (p, ... , z). This is a manifest with further scalability pricing. Standard discounts apply to qualified resellers and university computer labs. A free student demo program in two-variables with unlimited sequents is available on request and in a format passing through to academic emails.

Published details are in the model table definitions, a current abstract with toc, and results for over 5,400 assertions at a refutation rate of 88.7% herein. The 950 short papers as pre-prints and complete draft results in 18 MB are available by request. This currently updates the list of submissions since 05/2020. Here are examples of what we do: ''Refutation of the quaternion based on its implication table"; and "Refutation of the axiom of choice in 1 operator or quantifier, 2 variables, and 4 connectives". A newer use of Meth8/VŁ4 is for analytic theology, for example.

All software and hardware services are based on flat rate bids and prices. Other products, papers, and free software source code are at (This handy N-by-M contingency test with Fisher P in TrueBASIC source derives expected values from the observed values.)

For sponsors supportive of recent advances in disruptive technology from independent research, see business plans in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese to inquire at "". (NB: gmail is not read.)

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