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Welcome Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC (ESMC) sells services, tools, and software and hardware for bivalent technology such as the Kanban cell neuron network (KCNN), US provisional patent pending. (Kan ban in Japanese "かんばん" means sign or board and is pronounced as "kon bon".) The Kanban cell neuron model (KCNM) is a linear, multivariate, clustering formula for exact logical results.
News The KCNM applies to the prediction of trading signals for financial markets such as 10-year treasuries and five disparate commodities. This is named the Kanban cell neuron stock trading system (KCNSTS), US non provisional patent pending. It applies profitably to 96 random issues of the SP500. It is a statistical analytic and not a graphing tool, and is licensed as a monthly financial module for $997 to traders. Detailed results for six of the most difficult of those issues to predict, such as bank stocks on SP500, is available in elided format as Recent Advances in KCNSTS.

KCNM was applied to the meteorological variables of wet and dry temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure for the statistically significant prediction of the maximum wind speed band.

We recently refined the profitable sell-buy signals based on two indexed time series: SPY in over 23-years of trading days; and TLT in over 11-years of trading days. We are continuously building a book of real time transactions. Hedge fund managers are invited to examine the book for exclusive outright purchase of the system as the price is now set.

A byproduct for software developers is a software monitoring system named Security Without Network Access (SWONA). It delivers validated software from a DVD+RW and installs verified licensing on the computer of the end user. SWONA restricts the use of the end product to one instance of use per computer at one time. SWONA avoids licensing from network connection to clearinghouses by internet or telephone. Keys are avoided, and SWONA is not subject to export restriction. SWONA is priced at $497 and ¥2,997. Available is an instructional overview and a simplified overview in Chinese.

All services are based on flat rate bids and prices.

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